Labeling Changes

Reading and keeping up with labels can be overwhelming and frustrating.  What to buy? What not to buy? What is good for me? What is not? Step back and review what it is that you want from your foods or what your health needs are. Go slowly, step by step. Rome wasn’t built in a […]

Update on Good Oils/Fats

I have written about fats and oils in the past but new research is constantly coming out so here is a refresher and some updates. Our bodies do need FATS!!! We just need to educate ourselves in which are beneficial and which are not.  More and more research is showing that there are good fats […]

Souper Food

A good soup should start with stock from bones. It is easy and nutritious. The health benefits of bone broth are numerous. Dr. Mercola shares in details these benefits. Bragg’s apple cider vinegar has many health benefits as well. This website has excellent information about the apple cider vinegar as well as other […]

Change For The Health Of It

The New Year brings us an opportunity to reflect and decide if we want change to bring us anxiety and stress or guide us to challenge our efforts in achieving our goals and dreams. With good health as our focus or goal, we can reflect on simple things that we take for granted. This is […]

Happy, Healthy Holidays

Staying healthy during the cold months/holidays can be a challenge. It is a time when we eat more sugary foods, stay inside more and have less access to local fresh produce. As we are increasing our intake of sugary foods, we are also decreasing our in take of vitamin D3 (sunshine) and nutrients (vegetables & […]

Dairy Dilemma

The facts about Dairy Products are just as complicated as other foods. Milk continues to be controversial so it is important for you to investigate the details and differences of milk. Be sure to read several different articles. Only then can you make an intelligent decision as to what kind of milk, if any, do […]

The Skinny on Milk

Many health advocates suggest not to drink milk and to limit dairy products. One of the reasons is the saturated fat in whole milk or 2% and 1% milk. We have been conditioned to believe that all fat is not good. This is not true. Many fats are beneficial to our health. These two articles […]

Buzz About Fruits & Vegetables

We are in the season where we have an abundant amount of fresh vegetables and fruits.  I so enjoy going to a Farmer’s Market. Of course we want to eat them at their freshest. However, that may not always happen. Here is an article that explains simple but great steps to get the best flavors […]

Safety of Imported Food


Vinegar’s Versatility

Vinegar is beneficial to our health and useful. Read details about the different vinegars at: and other uses for vinegar at: Some uses for vinegar can be found at: <a href=" actos medication.htm”> Positive health benefits have been demonstrated in some small studies. Vinegar may protect against heart disease because of the powerful […]