Alternatives To Gluten

It is an exciting time to explore new foods. With so many people having negative reactions to gluten, the industry has been forced to offer gluten free food. Many pastas are now available without gluten. Two grains that are available now are quinoa (keen wah or ‘ki nwa) and amaranth. To read more about each of these grains go to: and In this article, scroll down to ‘Seeds’. It has some helpful hints.

In my 12/01/2011 newsletter there is a delicious quinoa salad recipe. has detailed information and recipes.

Both grains add protein and other health benefits. They are worth trying. I use amaranth in baking. There are many recipe books to choose from or recipes on the internet.

The chia seeds have become popular as well. Read more about them at  These are found in several products as well as in bulk, so you can add them to your favorite foods. Did you know that chia seeds can help you lose weight? This site tells you 10 benefits that chia seeds offer.

Variety in our diet is important. This is a good time to try these foods. Let me know what you and your family think of them. Do you have a favorite recipe or use for these foods?

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