Build Your Self Confidence

There seems to be a direct correlation between our self-confidence and our attitude and degree of success. The better our self-confidence the more positive is our attitude and in turn, the higher our degree of success in anything we do.

So why don’t we put our energy into building our self-confidence? We have a habit in our society to try to get rid of the symptom not the cause, so many times we feel frustrated or defeated as we try to make changes in our lives. When we get sick, we usually try to get rid of the symptoms, only to have new problems because we don’t understand that the cause needs to be addressed if we want to get rid of the illness for good. Knowing the cause is a big step to making positive change.

So how do we build our self-confidence?

It doesn’t improve overnight and we need to work on it everyday!

A pleasurable experience does the body and mind more good than stressful experiences does harm so create pleasurable experiences, which in turn helps you feel good about yourself. You will be more willing to do those things each day as well.

*Make a list of 10 things that are physically pleasurable to you. Do one thing on that list every day.

*Focus on what you do have and what you can do. It is easy to forget just how blessed we are. Be sure to express gratitude often for your talents and what you do have. Remember that what you focus on multiplies.

*Each day do something that challenges your abilities. It may be simple, like calling someone you need to call but don’t really want to. Or do something difficult like learning a new skill. Keep pushing your limits. It can be stressful but very rewarding when you have gotten through it and see that you can do anything if you put your mind to it.

*Practice positive self-talk at least once a day. Three times a day is best but at least once a day will help you see yourself in a positive view. You are talented and special. You need to keep reminding yourself as you go through a day that might not have the positive energy that you are looking for.

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