Buzz About Fruits & Vegetables

We are in the season where we have an abundant amount of fresh vegetables and fruits.  I so enjoy going to a Farmer’s Market. Of course we want to eat them at their freshest. However, that may not always happen. Here is an article that explains simple but great steps to get the best flavors and nutrition from the produce that we buy.

If you haven’t read my newsletter here is a summary of the tips that you can print out and post in your kitchen.

As we enjoy the fruits and vegetables, note that our pollinators, BEES, are in jeopardy. There has been an article in Time Magazine this month and other articles that stress the danger of chemicals killing the bees.  and There are several articles at this site about this subject. The EPA has finally decided this month to place a warning label on pesticides that are believed to kill bees. It is up to us to take steps to expect more from our government and agencies to protect our environment and our health diabetes medicine. If we refuse to buy specific products, the companies will be forced to change what they sell.

As I stated in my newsletter, over one third of our fruit and vegetable plants need to be pollinated. To ensure that we have the wonderful fruits and vegetables to nourish our bodies, we need to help the bees stay healthy and flourish. We can do this in many ways but the first and easiest step is to buy organic produce. Respecting and living in harmony with our environment needs to be a priority in our lives. Enjoy ‘the fruits of your labor’.


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