Change For The Health Of It

The New Year brings us an opportunity to reflect and decide if we want change to bring us anxiety and stress or guide us to challenge our efforts in achieving our goals and dreams. With good health as our focus or goal, we can reflect on simple things that we take for granted. This is a great time to take control of one’s own health.

The flu is upon us and many of us struggle to avoid it. Some find comfort in getting a flu shot yet looking at our diet and habits can help us maintain a strong and healthy immune system which in turn will help us avoid the flu. One of the main things we can do to avoid the flu is to reflect on our practice of washing our hands. Some find it ‘easier’ to use hand sanitizer. However, studies are showing that using hand sanitizers just might not be the safest way to avoid the flu. Check out these sites for the latest information about the safety of hand sanitizers and how hand washing is our best solution. and

Don’t confuse Microbans with hand sanitizers. Microbans are anti bacteria chemicals that are put into a product during manufacturing. The chemicals help the product not people stay free of bacteria….not viruses. See these videos to educate yourself more. You just might rethink if you want these in your products which can include many baby items, pencils and clothing.

Another simple change or resolution you can make this year is to increase the amount of water you consume. Take your weight and divide it in half. That is the amount of water in oz. you should drink eat day. Yes, it seems a lot but make that your high point. Set a plan in motion to increase the amount of water you consume. Fill a gallon jug each morning and use that water during the day. Or, have a container that you know the number of oz. it holds and how many of them that you need to drink to reach your quota. Much of it is awareness and focus on what you want to achieve. Graphing or charting the amounts is a great motivator to help you achieve your goal and make it a habit.

Remember to make one change at a time, no matter how small. You want to make your change to become a habit…a good habit that will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Here is to a Happy and Healthy New Year!


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