Life is about choices we make. According to the Journal of American Medical Association (2002: 287:177) 90% of illness is affected by YOU! Only 10% of your health is affected by a physician or hospital.

How can this be? Researchers are learning that we have ‘markers’ or epigenomes that turn our genes on and off. This means that our

Lifestyle, Environment, and Stress can turn our genes on and off. Epigenomes seem to be more important than genes.

Therefore, we need to take responsibility for our own health!

LIFESTYLE: choose to eat a healthy diet, don’t smoke

STRESS: reduce the amount by finding ways to deal with it, such as exercise, meditation and pray.

ENVIRONMENT: limit or rid your surrounds of chemicals

Daily Ideas are:

Think GREEN foods, lessen the acidic foods you eat

Eat raw fruits and vegetables


Clean your liver and colon through simple cleanses or fasting

Take supplements/herbs

Be aware of what your body is saying to you

Resolve any anger or emotional issues

We are learning that we have the ability to keep ourselves healthy or if we have illnesses we can reverse them by making different choices. This is an exciting time to live in. However, change can be scary and difficult. Medications are quick ‘fixes’ though the cause is not fixed. The symptoms are just covered up. So it is time to take a look at your health and decide what changes do you need and want to make so you can live a healthy life?

“May you never know the disease you prevent” by Jay Vanden Heuvel, PhD

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