Foods for Better Digestion

Digestion is definitely an issue for many people today with all the processed foods, additives and chemicals in our foods. We no longer have the luxury to eat any food that is available and think it is healthy for us. Taking responsibility for our food choices is now a necessity if we want to have control of our health.
There is a discussion out there whether supplements and herbs are necessary to take to meet our nutritional needs. I am continually working toward finding foods that will meet my nutritional needs.
I have learned that organic apple cider vinegar and raw honey have many digestive and health benefits. To learn about these two amazing foods go to:
This site also has several links to further inform you about digestion and how our digestion works with foods we eat. I have taken bee pollen supplements for a few years with very positive results with my digestion and overall health, especially during the colder months.
Eating health can be fun and exciting. It’s fun to learn about tasty foods that I never thought to try. It’s also exciting to learn about food I didn’t know about but are available in the supermarket. Challenge yourself to try the ‘Apple and Celery Root Slaw’ in my Newsletter #18 or a food that will help with your digestion. Be sure to share your findings.

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