Getting Back on Track

Getting our bodies back into balance after the holidays can be simple and effective. We just need to understand a few principals.

Most illness and diseases begin in the gut. Therefore, the first thing is to be sure that your digestion is working well. Cleansing is the first step. Understand the need for cleansing and find simple steps to detoxify the body at

Everyday steps to get the digestion system moving are: Drinking a glass of water (with lemon) first thing in the morning (hot cup of water with lemon is even better). A good probiotic everyday and food enzymes help digest foods easier. As we get older, the hydrochloric acid decreases so the enzymes give us that boost that we need.

Secondly, DON”T SKIP MEALS!!!! That slows down the metabolism. Try to eat every 2 to 3 hours. This will increase the metabolism. Plan what you will eat for the day. Have nutrient dense or protein snacks available. This causes the body to require less food. My family enjoys the snacks from here:

Green drinks are another great food for in between meals. Nature Sunshine has a few. The products are of excellent quality.  Please include my sponsor # 2432046 if you choose to order any products.

Eating foods with sugar can cause cravings, fatigue and spike our blood sugar levels as well as other health issues. Those cookies and desserts were soooo good weren’t they? When you get a craving, eat a fresh fruit (the sugar in fruit reacts differently than other sugars and the fruit gives us fiber). Add some protein like a piece of cheese or a few nuts. I like almonds. I find having grapes on the counter are very helpful. I don’t eat a lot of them but it satisfies my craving. Other suggestions are drink a glass of water, eat a piece of celery with the goat cheese and pomegranate. Remember that artificial sweeteners do not tell your body when it is satiated so your cravings will continue. Limiting alcohol is helpful too.

Increase healthy fats. We get a lot of Omega 6’s in our foods today so look for ways to increase the Omega 3’s. These help us feel satisfied so be sure to eat fish at least two times a week or take a fish oil or krill oil supplement. Look for one that contains both DHA and EPA. Other healthy fats can be found in olives, coconut oil, butter made from raw grass-fed organic milk, avacodos, organic pastured egg yolks, raw nuts (especially almonds & pecans), unheated organic nut oils, palm oil, and fats from grass-fed animals. The Green Polka Dot is an new on-line store that offers organic and non-gmo foods. You can find a variety of nuts and oils here at reasonable prices.

Lastly, but maybe most importantly is sleep. Sleep is very important in helping our bodies be in balance. Try to get 8 hours of sound sleep a night. Yes, that can be challenging but it can make a big difference in our energy levels as well as staying healthy. Getting to sleep by 10 is something to strive for as well. It is believed that between 10 and 12 midnight are the hours that we get our best restorative sleep.

These are a few ways in which you can balance your body to feel motivated, energized and healthy. I’d love to hear about ideas that have helped you get back into balance.

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