Grilling and Stir Frying

Food preparation can make a difference in how we eat. Grilling and stir frying are quick and easy ways to make a healthy meal that includes vegetables and fruits.  One thing to be aware of is the high temperature that is used with both these methods. Grilling can cause carcinogens when heating at high temperatures. So remember to marinate the foods to lessen the cancer causing compounds. I’m curious if anyone marinates their hot dogs before or during grilling. We add sauces and other foods, condiments to them but I have never seen anyone marinate hot dogs. Another interesting factor is the type of grill one uses. I have just learned from my son about INFRARED Grills. The grill is built to even out the heat which in turn cooks the foods evenly and there is less chance of burning or drying out the meats. There is less chance of flare ups as well. This type of grill cooks at high temperatures and quickly so there is some adjustments to using such a grill. If you have one, tell us how well it works for you.

When stir frying, be sure to use coconut oil or extra virgin oil. These have high burning points which will lessen the chance of changing the oils to trans fats. Seed oils will change to trans fats during the cooking at high temperatures.  I like to add foods that have juices because as they cook the juices come out and the food simmers in them.

Having your kids or grandkids help can be fun and provide quality family time as we. Making pizza’s on a grill is very quick and fun. Each person can add their own toppings. So enjoy the summer weather and incorporate quick,  easy and tasty as well as healthy foods to your menus. Here are more grilling recipes to try at




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