Is Our Physical Health Related To Our Emotional Health?

“Change Your Thoughts, Change Your World” By Norman Vincent Peale

It is so much easier to try to lose weight, go to the doctor, change our eating habits, or even exercise (though these are not simple tasks) than to change our thinking. When we have a physical problem we search to get rid of the symptoms rather than look at our whole person. Yet, research is finding that our emotions, our thoughts are a very important key to our well being, physically and emotionally.

Our thoughts dominate our mind through the day…and night. If our thoughts are negative, our body physically reacts. If our thoughts are positive, our body reacts in different ways. We need to be aware that our thoughts trigger our feelings and emotions which in turn affect our body and our health.

Therefore, reflecting on our thought patterns can help us achieve or maintain good health. Start with keeping track of your negative comments and responses for a day. Make a tally of them. If it is too difficult to keep track of your responses, then start with tally the negative comments of a family member or a co-worker. The point is to start becoming aware of your negative comments, then thoughts.

The next step, would be to try to change the comments and thoughts into positive words. This is no easy task as we have been programmed through our life to use more negatives than positives.

A good activity to help you get good at positive comments rather than negative ones is to write down some of the negative comments others or yourself have said. Then rewrite these negative comments in the positive. This takes practice but the more you practice, the easier it will get to comment AND think in the positive.

As you talk and think more in the positives, you will notice that you feel more energized, happier and you will be drawn to people who are positive. And lastly, you will find that more positive things are happening in your life. You can truly, CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

Has anyone experienced this?

Repeat each dayChange my thoughts, Change my world!

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