Labeling Changes

Reading and keeping up with labels can be overwhelming and frustrating.  What to buy? What not to buy? What is good for me? What is not? Step back and review what it is that you want from your foods or what your health needs are. Go slowly, step by step. Rome wasn’t built in a day.  If you don’t know where to start, try lessening the processed foods in your diet and increase the whole foods. If it fits in your budget, buy organic but if not, don’t stress! Find an organic shopping guide at:

The next step is to learn how to read labels when you do buy processed foods. The less ingredients, the better. You will want to know how much sugar is in your foods because too much sugar in our diet is a major contributor to weight issues, diabetes, and many other health issues. Eliminating ALL artificial sweeteners from your diet will also go a long way in helping you make sense of all the information out there when trying to eat healthy.  Remember, one step at a time. Once you have addressed the above steps you can pursue other steps in choosing healthy food. You can read my past blogs, email me or call me. to get more information. Just click HOME on my site to get this information.

The FDA has proposed changes to the labels on our foods. These changes could help make your choices easier. Take a look at these possible changes: Proposed Label – Whats the Difference

Read more about these possible changes and take the opportunity to let the FDA know your thoughts and ideas about this important issue.
http://www.foodday  Deadline is August 1st. Get involved. Exercise your right as a consumer,  to let the government know and understand what is important to you.

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