Looking and Moving Forward

“When we choose not to focus on what is missing from our lives, but are grateful for the abundance that’s present…we experience heaven on earth.” BJ Gallagher

It is during the beginning of the New Year that we seem to make resolutions to ‘change our ways or habits’. We have good intentions but many times lose site of these resolutions as we go through each busy day. Change can be difficult. Trying to break a bad habit takes time and much effort.

This year try taking a different approach. Rather than looking at the negatives in your life, focus on the positives. Instead of making resolutions, try writing down goals. Look forward. What is it that you want to accomplish? Write it down. Then write down two things that might get in your way to reach your goal. And lastly, write down two or three actions that you can do to start working toward your goal. Work on two or three goals. These could be in any areas of your life. If you would like more direction or support, I’d be happy to help you. Call me at 585-346-7334.

To keep you motivated, practice saying positive things. Become more aware of your positive and negative statements or comments. Every time you catch yourself saying something negative, rephrase it into a positive statement. With practice, this will become easier and be said more naturally. Also, praise yourself. Each of you has grown up with hearing many more negative comments than positive about yourself until you believed them. Now you act on what you believe, whether they are true or not. You want to reprogram yourself. To do that you can use what is called ‘positive self-talk’. Look at your goals and write a short paragraph related to your goals telling you in a positive way what kind of person you are. For example, repeatedly throughout the day tell yourself that you are a wonderful, competent person or that you are a very organized and reliable worker. Read your paragraph at least twice a day each day for at least a month. If you would prefer, you can buy a set of Dr. Shad Helmstetter’s Self-Talk CD’s that work on each area of your life. Just contact me at 585-346-7334.

You will start seeing little changes in your life. Your day will go more smoothly. You will be interacting more with positive people. You might sleep better or feel healthier. You will increase the number of times that you are pleased with yourself. You will feel empowered. Amazing things will keep coming into your life. Believe me, amazing things have and continue to happen to me!

Lastly, be sure to express your gratitude for what is in your life, for the positive or good things that are happening each and every day of your life. A suggestion is to start your day expressing your gratefulness for what you are starting your day with. Then at the end of each day be sure to review your day and express your thankfulness for the good that has happened. You will see your life move forward.

As you see, my blog entries seem to repeat three specific things; setting goals, thinking and talking positively and expressing one’s gratitude. These are powerful tools that can bring positive change into your life.  Are you ready to make a difference and move your life forward?

Remember: When we choose not to focus on what is missing from our lives but are grateful for the abundance that’s present…we experience heaven on earth.”

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