What motivates you to achieve your goals? We are bombarded by so much information that it is difficult to sift through it all and make intelligent decisions. What is true? What is marketing? What works for you? Stepping back and reflecting can be difficult in our fast paced life.

I have spoken about this topic before but I feel it is worth mentioning again because our motivation changes as time moves on, as our life changes, as we are faced with new challenges. Our ATTITUDE, I believe, has the greatest impact on our level of motivation. With a positive attitude, our motivation increases. With a negative attitude, our motivation decreases. We need to continually check our attitude and have ways to help us keep it positive.

In my search for ways to help with my attitude, I have found a wonderful video that I would like to share with you by View at  Perhaps these rules can be reminders to you each day or when your motivation is headed in the wrong direction that you CAN stay motivated as long as you keep a Positive Attitude.


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