Reach Dreams by Setting Goals

Dream big dreams, but realize….short term realistic goals are the keys to success.

Setting goals help make our dreams come true, step by step. Write well defined objectives that you want to reach. Focus on two or three goals at a time. Set a specific date to help motivate you to an end result. Then write out one or two obstacles or things that you think could get in your way of reaching your goal. Next, write three to four action steps that you can do to reach your goal. Be sure to set a date for each action plan to be completed. It is ok to change the date as you go along but a date gives you a specific time to work with. Lastly, read your goals at least once a day and keep them close to your thoughts so each day you are working toward your goals.

It’s ok to modify your goals or action steps. Your purpose is to achieve your goals. Things change. We change. Always look for the positive things you are doing as you work toward your goals.

Compliment and reward yourself when you complete an action step. When you achieve one of your goals, Celebrate!! And praise yourself. You will be one step closer to your dreams.

Repeat each day:

Dream big dreams, but I realize….short term realistic goals are the keys to success.

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