Tend To Your Secret Garden…

Weed out disappointments, frustrations, diminished ambitions, unfulfilled expectations and anger about what has gone before or what has not yet come.

To take control of your health, you need to first activate your emotional and mental well being. Yes, we can eat healthy foods, drink more water each day, add fiber to our diet, take vitamins and even exercise. However, all these will be little steps and will not be as beneficial, if we do not find peace within.

Stress and inner conflicts such as disappointments, frustrations, anger, etc. affect our physical health. These things become chronic stressors on our system. Cortisol increases which in turn forces our adrenal glands to over work. We lose energy. We then don’t sleep well. Chronic fatigue sets in. It becomes a vicious cycle that taxes more of our organs and our physical health slowly deteriorates.

Therefore, addressing physical needs does not take care of the root cause. Our emotional well being is where it all begins. By letting go of the past and being in control of the present, you will look forward to the future. Your physical health will be so much stronger. You will be productive and like who you are.

The best way to tend to your emotional and mental well being is to strengthen you self-image. And of course, to do that you use Positive Self-Talk every day! Make it a part of your day. Remind yourself that you are special and you can accomplish anything you put your mind to.

Set those goals and listen to the Positive Self-Talk CD’s. Get direction, support and encouragement from me, a certified Life Coach. I can keep you focused and motivated as you work toward nurturing your well being.

Remember: Tend To Your Secret Garden first to start the Natural Healing of your whole body.

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