The Fiber Facts

As I stated in my newsletter: Fiber needs to be an essential part of EVERYONE’s diet. Fiber along with adequate fluid intake, moves quickly and relatively easily through your digestive tract. This helps it function properly such as normalizing bowel movements, helping maintain bowel integrity and health, lowering blood cholesterol levels, and helping control blood sugar levels. A high-fiber diet can also aid in weight loss and lessen the risk of heart disease and diabetes. Fiber is much cheaper and healthier to take then  statins and other medications. To read about the history of fiber and other related facts see

Want some help in what you should eat and plan for meats with fiber? Here is a good slide show with simple ideas and pictures.

Get a printed list of high fiber foods at:

Remember that it is important to include water or fluids when eating high fiber foods. Without enough fluids you can get constipated. Start slowly adding more fiber so your system can adjust. This will lessen the gas. Fruits and Vegetables are the best way to include fiber in your diet. A healthy bowel is the first step in keeping your whole body healthy.

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