The Need for Salt

As I researched salt, I discovered that information is very diverse. Who would think that a simple item such as salt would be so complicated? I first went to to understand why we use the terms salt and sodium interchangeably. Another article at  helped me understand the importance of salt.  Salt is an essential mineral yet so many people are getting high blood pressure. Is it from all the ‘salt’ that is in our processed foods? An article by   ANN LOUISE GITTLEMAN, N.D., M.S. gives one view on the necessity of sodium.  A video which gives excellent details about salt is:   Dr. Wallach talks about why we need salt in a video as well well These are just a few resources to help you understand the need to have salt in our diet. There is a wealth of information available that also states that we are consuming too much salt.  I hope this information is helpful as you search for answers that will help you be health. I believe that moderation continues to seem to be the best policy when addressing our health.


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