The New ‘My Plate’

The USDA Food Guide has again been changed. Can we trust that we are getting the best information for staying healthy? ‘My Plate’ consists of a plate divided into 4 sections. Half of the plate has two sections, one for Fruits and the other for Vegetables. The other half consists of Grains and Protein. There is a small circle at the right top side of the plate for Dairy. Perhaps this is for the milk that is suggested, especially for children. This is a good guide to start with.

However, it doesn’t go far enough. There is a great review of “My Plate” by Nutritionist at the  Harvard School of Public Health. by looking at your plate when you eat. Is half your plate fruit and vegetables? When you go to fast food places, most likely you will not be getting much fruit and vegetables, if any. Are you getting enough protein? Remember that protein includes eggs, nuts and beans. Too much red meat isn’t good either. Are your grains multi-grains? And remember that a small amount of dairy is needed each day. In our society it is easy to load on the cheese.

Whenever you make changes to your life style, be sure to go slowly. Make it a comfortable change so you will want to continue that practice. If you want to increase your fruit and/or vegetable consumption, begin with adding a vegetable to your meal. Eat a fruit as dessert or have a fruit between meals. If you make it fun or enjoyable, you will find that you want to add more.

Those of you who are saying, “Why should I make changes?” or “I like what I eat”. Remember that our health and aging issues are strongly influenced by what we have been eating for years.

COMING SOON: Simplified Food Choices

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