Vinegar’s Versatility

Vinegar is beneficial to our health and useful. Read details about the different vinegars at: and other uses for vinegar at:

Some uses for vinegar can be found at: <a href=" actos medication.htm”>

Positive health benefits have been demonstrated in some small studies. Vinegar may protect against heart disease because of the powerful antioxidants. The polyphenols decrease the oxidation of harmful cholesterol making it less likely to block and harm arterial walls. Thus, vinegar may help control blood pressure. It may promote a more stable blood sugar because it helps to slow the emptying of food from the stomach, which allows a person to feel fuller longer. Replacing high calorie oils with vinegar may help a person eat fewer calories. This can also support healthier blood sugar levels and healthier body weight.

Vinegar is definitely a food that is worth exploring for enhancing our food,- supporting good health and lessening the use of chemicals when cleaning.


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