Ways to Keep the Calories Down On Thanksgiving

A few simple ways to keep the calories down when celebrating Thanksgiving or any other family celebration are:

1. Eat in moderation and space out your eating. Keep the desserts for at least an hour after the meal.

2. Drink a glass of water before you sit down to eat a meal.

3. Have deep, bright colors on the menu. Raw vegetables for an appetizer are a great way to start the festivities.

4. Keep dishes simple, especially the vegetables. You don’t want to over cook them or add too many extras that add the calories.

5. Potatoes are high in starch to begin with so try not to add sour cream or over load on milk or butter. Skip the gravy or use just enough to get the taste.

These are great ways to enjoy the Holidays but keep those calories down. For more details and ideas go to  http://health.msn.com/health-topics/slideshow.aspx?cp-documentid=100281998&imageindex=1


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