Vinegar’s Versatility

Vinegar is beneficial to our health and useful. Read details about the different vinegars at: and other uses for vinegar at: Some uses for vinegar can be found at: <a href=" actos medication.htm”> Positive health benefits have been demonstrated in some small studies. Vinegar may protect against heart disease because of the powerful […]

Alternatives To Gluten

It is an exciting time to explore new foods. With so many people having negative reactions to gluten, the industry has been forced to offer gluten free food. Many pastas are now available without gluten. Two grains that are available now are quinoa (keen wah or ‘ki nwa) and amaranth. To read more about each […]

Maintain A Healthy Immune System

Consuming antioxidants are necessary for keeping the immune system functioning well. Watch this slide show to give you a quick overview of the importance of antioxidants and what foods are high in antioxidants. Not sure how to open or extract the seeds from a pomegranate? Check out this simple video. It really is this […]