Buzz About Fruits & Vegetables

We are in the season where we have an abundant amount of fresh vegetables and fruits.  I so enjoy going to a Farmer’s Market. Of course we want to eat them at their freshest. However, that may not always happen. Here is an article that explains simple but great steps to get the best flavors […]

The Fiber Facts

As I stated in my newsletter: Fiber needs to be an essential part of EVERYONE’s diet. Fiber along with adequate fluid intake, moves quickly and relatively easily through your digestive tract. This helps it function properly such as normalizing bowel movements, helping maintain bowel integrity and health, lowering blood cholesterol levels, and helping control blood […]

Breakfast?…..Why? No Time

How many times have you said or heard, “I don’t have time to eat breakfast”? As a former elementary teacher, I’d always remind my students that not eating breakfast is like running a car with no gas. If you want to keep your immune system working well or want to lose weight, eating breakfast every […]

Wonders of Sugar

Sugar is referred to as sucrose or an edible crystalline carbohydrate which includes sucrose, lactose and fructose. Sucrose is broken down to glucose and fructose. The glucose is used in our bodies for energy. Every cell, as well as bacterium, in our body needs glucose to function properly. Fructose or simple sugar is what gives […]