The Need for Salt

As I researched salt, I discovered that information is very diverse. Who would think that a simple item such as salt would be so complicated? I first went to to understand why we use the terms salt and sodium interchangeably. Another article at  helped me understand the importance of salt.  Salt is an […]


Everyday we are bombarded with commercials to buy the latest food. The visuals and sometimes the smells draw us to a favorite food. French fries can be irresistible. The crunch, the smell and the taste lures us to eat them often. We are blessed to live in a country that offers us so many tasteful […]

The New ‘My Plate’

The USDA Food Guide has again been changed. Can we trust that we are getting the best information for staying healthy? ‘My Plate’ consists of a plate divided into 4 sections. Half of the plate has two sections, one for Fruits and the other for Vegetables. The other half consists of Grains and Protein. There […]