Change For The Health Of It

The New Year brings us an opportunity to reflect and decide if we want change to bring us anxiety and stress or guide us to challenge our efforts in achieving our goals and dreams. With good health as our focus or goal, we can reflect on simple things that we take for granted. This is […]

Happy, Healthy Holidays

Staying healthy during the cold months/holidays can be a challenge. It is a time when we eat more sugary foods, stay inside more and have less access to local fresh produce. As we are increasing our intake of sugary foods, we are also decreasing our in take of vitamin D3 (sunshine) and nutrients (vegetables & […]

Bottled, Tap or Filtered Water?

Here are websites that can help you decide if you want to use bottled water, tap water or filtered water: generic actos.php All water is not created equal. These sites can help you decide what is best for you.